3. I Don’t Want To Start A Facebook Group

Back up at home, my uncles had a laugh at my expense about the dog and I took another look at Facebook.

There was another message to suggest starting a separate Facebook group for people that were Isolating – somewhere where they could reach out for help. I closed the laptop, opened a beer and turned on the tv – the answer was no, we all have our limits and that was way past mine.

10 minutes or so later, I became aware that I had drunk the beer and far from watching tv, had been playing around with pun-based names that I could use for an email address – but NOT a Facebook group.

Later my uncle dragged me out to the supermarket. He clipped me around the ear when he realised I wasn’t listening to him – because I was on my phone, trying to match my email address ideas to whatever was available on Google:

OnMeTod@gmail.com; On.Me.Tod@gmail.com; OnYourTod@gmail.com; Not.On.Your.Tod@gmail.com; HotToddy@gmail.com (what the fuck does that have to do with anything!?)

Before I knew it we were back on the sofa and I was getting clipped around the ear again for being vacant – but this time I had it, I had abandoned puns and gone for phonetics instead…


It was already taken! But on the bright side, at least now I knew that I was obsessed.

With minimal fuss and aplomb, I changed the opening word to something that sounded a bit more personal and decided to break the words up by using full stops.

Your.Tod.Squad@gmail.com was successfully registered on gmail 6 hours after I outright refused to set up a stupid Facebook group – the Facebook group was set up an hour after that.

Complete with a relevant (at the time) logo.

All that was left to do was build a squad…

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